The Gallery of Historic Ores displays a selection of ores, i.e. rock and mineral specimens of economical interest, as well as mining memorabilia. They are arranged by chemical element. As of March 2016, elements considered are aluminium, beryllium, carbon, copper, iron and tin. All rock and mineral specimens were deaccessioned from collections of historical importance.

The Gallery of Historic Crystals is currently under construction. The three sections (Chemistry, Physics and Lore of Crystals) will be completed over the coming months.

gallery of historic gems

The Gallery of Historic Gems displays a selection of historic gems (raw or cut), replica of famous gems, as well as rare books. Objects are separated into the three following categories: Precious stones, organic gemstones and other gemstones. This section is still under construction with so far information on: diamonds, amber, ivory, pearls and precious opal. An antiquarian archive related to John Sinkankas is also presented.

Historic Ores


Aluminium (bauxite)
Copper (native)
Tin (cassiterite & stannite)

Other chemical elements

Beryllium (beryl & bertrandite)
Carbon (graphite)


Historic Crystals

The chemistry of crystals

Synthetic crystals

The physics of crystals

Cubic (Isometric) system
Monoclinic system

The lore of crystals

Fantasy & Science-Fiction

Historic Gems

Sinkankas, John

Precious Stones


Organic Gemstones


Other Gemstones

Precious Opal