The Gallery of Historic Cybernetic Devices displays historic documents and objects relating to the collecting and exhibit of automata and robots. The historical aspects of Artificial Intelligence development are also investigated. Themes revolve around Cybernetics, i.e., control and communication systems in living things and machines alike. This gallery is still under construction.

The Gallery of Historic Organisms displays a selection of historic shells, all collected in the second half of the 19th century, and all originating from famous collections. Other collecting themes are also represented, with collection catalogues, association copies and letters related to the collecting of seaweed, birds, bones of extinct mammals, and micro-organisms. Most of the collectors presented here were explorer naturalists (e.g., Émile Eudel, William Dall). Highlights of the gallery include Edme-François Gersaint's 1736 sales catalogue/essay on shell collecting, and a manuscript by Émile Eudel, also about shell collecting.

The Gallery of Historic Fossils displays a selection of fossil specimens that originate from historic collections (private or institutional). Some of those fossils are accompanied by the original handwritten collection catalogue, as well as by other geological documents. The place of fossils in the human psyche is also explored with examples from Art and Psychology (Pareidolia). The oldest documents and specimens are from the period 1875-1887, France.