The Tricottet Library

The Library of The Tricottet Collection focuses on the history of collecting. It contains rare books, letters, manuscripts and images, which are separated into the following three overlapping categories:

• Collectors & their collections: Collection catalogues and notices, sales catalogues, collector bibliographies and miscellaneous material on the history of collecting, including e.g., photographs of collection displays or correspondence regarding the trade of objects;
• Objects: Various documents on unique historic objects, both naturalia (minerals, fossils, shells, ...) and artificialia (calculators, computers, ...);
• Phenomena: Various documents about unique historic phenomena collected under the forms of manuscripts, scrapbooks, etc., relating to both scientifica (catastrophes, medica, ...) and forteana (UFOs, cryptids, ghosts, ...).

Oldest books in the library: Grew (1681) | Troili (1766) | Romé de L'Isle (1773)

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