The Collectionnite Gallery displays odd collectibles, from early Wunderkammers to contemporary collections, as well as studies on collecting habits and psychology. We use the term collectionnite, which in French refers to collectomania with the suffixe "-ite" specifically referring to the concept of disease. In The Tricottet Collection, its use is made less pathological with collectionnite becoming an object that sounds just like a marcassite, an ammonite or a meteorite. For our work on the curating aspects of metacollecting and on the concept of collection-object, see Mignan (2016).

The Forteana Gallery displays objects, especially documents, related to fortean phenomena. The three sections are parapsychology (on spiritualism so far), cryptozoology (Loch ness monster, Mothman, the "Kubuyuruk") and ufology (UFO sightings, strange rains, alien monuments). This gallery is still in construction.

The Scientifica Gallery displays objects and documents relating to fundamental sciences, natural sciences, and medicine. The fundamental science slides are solely dedicated to mathematics with most of our material coming from the Allan G. Bromley collection of mathematical tools, including an archive of his legacy on the Antikythera mechanism. The medica slides include some correspondence on human brain collecting and a collection of newspaper clippings on insanity. This gallery is still in construction.